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10 Best Flight Companies in 2018

Are you searching for the best air flight company? You are not alone. According to Skytrax every passenger researches for the best flight company before booking. You might have seen an airline with a long list of passengers waiting for a flight and another takes off when half-empty yet the destination is the same. Popularity determines a flight company’s success its popularity. Competition for the passengers is usually very stiff in flight companies. As a result, a slight mistake can lead to losses. That is the reason why you get the best treatment ever when on a flight.

In the battle for passengers and fame, flight companies have devised various ways to entice and retain customers. Consequently, it is hard for an individual passenger to know the ideal airline. There are organizations which deal with analyzing the customer’s satisfaction and rank up the flight companies. Passengers use this data to decide the flight they will take. They also improve it by regularly reviewing every trip they take. Below is a list of the current analysis of the ten best flight companies in the world. This list is exclusively from Skytrax.  Skytrax is the most reliable source of air travel reviews because its core business is to analyze the airlines.

Skytrax uses such parameters as operational safety, investment rating, profitability, fleet age, and passenger reviews to come up with the list of the best flight companies each year.

Singapore Airlines

This year, there is a surprise. For the last five years, Air New Zealand has dominated the skies as the best airline company. However, Singapore Airlines has tremendously improved from position three to one. By the look of things, it is determined to maintain the first slot as the best flight company for many years to come.

What made Singapore Airline emerge the best overall?

  • Aggressive fleet revitalization.
  • Added Airbus A350s and Boeing 787-10s to the flight.
  • Introduced new long-haul destinations.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world. It is hard to imagine that just twenty years ago, this airline was a small local carrier. How it changed from a small carrier to be among the best airlines in the world baffles many. The reason why it has remained top on the list of the best flight companies for long is due to its innovations and effective passenger treatment. It boasts of Qsuite technology for its business class seats. This Qsuite innovation is patented so you cannot find it in any other airline.

ANA All Nippon Airways

ANA All Nippon Airways is the largest airline in Japan. It was founded in 1952, and so it has a firm base in Asian countries. It has over 80 international flights and over 100 local flights. This airline is famous for its flight club which has over 29 million members. Also, ANA All Nippon Airways has the most significant number of Boeing 787 worldwide.


According to Skytrax review, Emirates is among the top-ten best flight companies globally because of its top-notch inflight entertainments. It also has some of the best aeroplane seats in the world. Passengers report the best comfort, excellent customer care and captivating entertainment when aboard Emirates aeroplanes.

Eva Air

Eva Air is a relatively new flight company, but it is determined to be a global leader as far as air flight entertainment and comfort is concerned. Customers report excellence seat comfort and staff service.  It is one of the few airlines with a 5-star rating in Asia.

Cathy Pacific Airways

Cathy Pacific Airways is a Hong Kong-based Flight Company which offers flights to more than 200 destinations mostly in Asia. It also flies to Africa, America and Europe. It has over 200 aircraft.


Lufthansa is the largest European airline more so because it collaborated with the Swiss Airlines, the German Wings and the Austrian Airlines. It has a fleet of 20 Jumbos making it the airline with the most significant number of Jumbos in the world. On a lighter note, this airline is the largest purchaser of caviar in the whole world. You, therefore, expect a lot of caviar while on board Lufthansa.

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airline is another 5-Star Skytrax award winner. It is in the eight positions of the best flight companies in the world mainly because of the quality of services offered and high safety standards. Hainan Airline is the most loved airline in China. Its inflight entertainment is very innovative with occasional concerts at the height of 30,000 feet above sea level. This company was the first to go green in China, and even today, some aeroplanes of Hainan Airlines use Bio Fuel.

Garuda Indonesia

Although Garuda Indonesia was once banned from landing in Europe due to new safety regulations, the embargo was lifted in 2009 when it was found to be safe. In 2010, it was recognized as the most improved airline in the whole world. This airline seems to be determined to remain among the best airlines companies in the world. It is now a proud 4-star airline.

Thai Airways

Thai Airline was formed in 1988 and is the flag carrier Thailand. It is the last flight company on the best top ten air flight companies in the world. This is a significant improvement for a relatively new airline from Thailand. Although its aircraft are relatively not new, this airline’s entertainment is so captivating that you won’t realize the short legroom. Thai Airways is a flight company with a bright future due to the growing number of tourists wishing to visit Thailand from every corner of the world.


Passengers are the most promoters of any airline. Everybody reads the airline reviews before deciding the airline to use for any flight. Flight companies are in overdrive trying to improve their flights to get new customers and retain the loyal ones. This competition has made it hard for passengers to know the best airline to uses. Luckily, there are organizations dedicated to analyzing the experiences passengers have when aboard these flights by use of air travel reviews. Such organization has made it possible to come up with a list of the best airlines companies above. This list will make you make an informed choice when choosing a plane to book.

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