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3 Teen Stars We are Rooting for at the Next Oscars

You don’t have to have a lot of candles on your birthday cake to do great things, and today’s child and teen stars are proving just that.

Tatum O’Neal showed that even children can deliver stunning performances when she became the youngest Oscar winner at just 10. Actresses like Jodi Foster and Natalie Portman gave career-making performances when they were just teens, as well.

Though most of the movies that will eventually be nominated for next year’s Oscars haven’t even been released yet, it’s not too early for us to start looking at some of our favorite teen stars. Here are a few that we think could land on the nominating ballot this year if they keep delivering the kind of work for which they’ve become known:

Elle Fanning

Fanning gave a wonderful performance in the movie The Door in the Floor when she was just six, an she has starred in a number of more Hollywood friendly films since. Like her big sister, Dakota, she has shown that she is serious about acting, and we expect her to do great things on screen. Maybe this will be the year that the 18-year-old makes the Academy take notice?

Chloe Grace Moretz

Moretz, 19, got our attention when she starred as a fierce heroine in Kick Ass, but she was acting long before then. She got notice again with Let Me In, and she has a number of big films slated for the year.

Jake Austin

Jake Austin has starred in TV’s “The Fosters” and he is starting to make his transition to film. With his heartthrob good looks and his acting chops, we expect that we’ll start seeing a lot more of him. Maybe he’ll start taking on more dramatic roles this year?

It’s a great time for teen stars in Hollywood. We can’t wait to see what they do this year!

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