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Amazon Starting to Invest in Automotive Technology

Amazon may be the go-to place for affordably priced goods that can be shipped quickly, but did you also know that it is one of the top 10 companies that are investing heavily in research and development, right alongside companies like IBM and Cisco? It only makes sense since whatever product is developed Amazon will likely sell. They get double the profits on any sales.

Amazon’s latest foray is into automotive technology. The retail giant isn’t looking at manufacturing cars, but it is forming partnerships to provide some of the technology used in those cars.

Electric Car Technology

It’s no argument that electric cars are the technology of the future.

Amazon has smartly entered talks with a group of auto makers to provide cloud-computing capabilities for mapping software. Drivers would use the software to get point-by-point directions, and the cloud capability would allow them to safe frequently used directions.

More importantly, auto makers would use the cloud capability to store massive amounts of data used to provide the real-time directions. The cloud storage would reduce the load on the software, and it would ensure that auto makers can adapt their directions based on recent changes, like construction or traffic caused by accidents.

The auto makers included in the discussion are BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. Amazon is in talks alongside rival Microsoft, so it is unclear if Amazon will win the contract.

If Amazon does get the contract, that could help it expand its cloud network and get back big products to funnel into other research and development. Amazon has already branched out into entertainment and other industries, so this new foray would just be a natural progression of the growth of the company.

Maybe one day we’ll even see cars that come with in-cabin entertain included an Amazon subscription? We can only dream.

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