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Best Giants Stars to Follow on Twitter

As a Giants’ fan, watching the games is great, but it may not be enough. You may be looking for opportunities to celebrate the game and connect with other fans long after the games are over.

Fortunately, social media gives you plenty of opportunities to do just that. A lot of sports stars are active on Twitter, giving you an opportunity to get a look behind the scenes and maybe even talk to your favorite star directly.

Here are a few of the top Giants’ stars you should be following on Twitter:

Michael Morse

Follow @Mcode38 to learn more about one of the newer players for the Giants. Morse tweets about trips he takes with friends and families, musings on current events, and more. He also regularly responds to fans, so you have a good chance of interacting with him if you say something funny or interesting.

Brandon Crawford

Crawford is very active on Twitter, and he talks a lot about his wife and daughters, as well as the team’s movements behind the scenes. You can really get to know what he’s like when he’s not on the field. Follow him at @bcraw35.

Hunter Pence

This fast-paced Twitter account follows Pence on his appearances, through practices and games, and during social events. You’ll get a good sense for Pence’s personality, and you’ll enjoy the same kind of energy that he brings to the field. Follow @hunterpence and you might even get a tweet back if you comment.

Henry Schulman

OK, so he’s not a Giant himself, but he does write about the Giants regularly for the San Francisco Chronicle. Follow him at @hankschulman to get updates about the team and the players. You might also learn about some other great teams.

Follow these and other great players to explore your love of your favorite team further.

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