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Best Virtual and Augmented Reality Games

Sony and others are now releasing virtual reality and augmented reality headsets that allow you to play games like you never have before. You can really become a part of the game, feeling like you are playing basketball on a real NBA court or swinging a golf club right next to Tiger Woods.

Some games have already been released on these platforms, and some are getting ready to be released with the new PlayStation VR in October — just in time for Christmas! Here are a few of our favorites:

Lucid Trips

Explore new planets in a dream world that is artistically rendered. You can search for exotic plants, go on quests of your choosing, design your own planet and share your creations with other users. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Playing the game is like living inside a dream world and sharing that with others.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3

This game is popular with PlayStation fans, and it will soon come to the virtual reality headset. You’ll be able to fight in what seems like real time — all while enjoying a tropical paradise in which you might think you can really feel the heat and smell the salt water. The suggestion of the environment can be enough to ignite your senses.

Drive Club

You may not have the skills to drive a real race car, but you can feel the same thrill in this virtual reality racing game. You’ll have your choice of cars, and you’ll be able to drive through a variety of scenic backdrops. You’ll swear you can smell the rubber on the road.

With dozens of titles slated for virtual reality, you’ll feel like J.R. Smith or Michael Jordan on the court or Indiana Jones exploring ancient temples. We can’t wait to see what this burgeoning technology has in store!

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