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Some of the Biggest Home Security Innovations Right Now

From Houston to New York, we are seeing huge advancements in home security that allow us to keep our families safer and to protect our most valuable possessions.

You have more options than the simple alarm. Take a look at some of the most advanced security options available now:

Facial Recognition Alarms

Setting up security cameras can help you capture anyone who breaks into your home. However, you have to rely on someone recognizing the person on video and then the police have to capture the person.

With facial recognition software, new home security systems are programmed to sound an alarm whenever anyone enters your home who is not permitted. You have to train the software to recognize your family members and friends who are allowed to be in your home.

Voice-Activated Locks

Combination locks can make your home more secure because thieves can’t just pick the locks. Voice-activated locks make your home even more secure. Even if someone gains access to your code, they won’t be able to open the lock. Only the sound of your voice speaking the code will open the lock.

Light Bulb with a Camera

Some thieves will not be deterred by security cameras — they will simply cover the cameras or try to disable them. A new security innovation includes a tiny camera in the center of a specialty light bulb. The camera is small enough that thieves won’t notice it, and you can use the bulb inside or outside. You could outfit your whole house with the light bulb/camera combos and capture any illegal behavior. Plus, you could use them as a parent to catch your kids doing things they aren’t supposed to do!

With the assistance of technology advancements, CAD (computer aided design), and online technology, home security will only improve. You will be able to make your home and your family safer.

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