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How Businesses can Use Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants like Siri are among the greatest technical innovations of the past few years. They were once considered a novel feature of smart phones, but now everyone uses them to do everything from get directions to look up information online. They have even become so beloved that they have spawned numerous online memes and funny videos.

It is pretty clear that virtual assistants are here to stay. Businesses need to find ways to use them to promote their brand and reach more of the customers that are using them every day. Here are a few ways they can do that:

Control Information

Many people use Siri and other assistants to get information about a topic. They might ask, “What is an eWallet?” or “How often do I need an HVAC checkup?” While you can’t tell Siri what to say, you can create authority content that is more likely to be highly ranked and become the go-to answer. In that way, you can better control the information that customers might get about your brand or its products.

Spy on Competitors

By conducting your own test searches, you can see what your competitors are doing to get more exposure through virtual assistants. You might make notes about the type of content being created, the headlines or keywords used, or even the advertising included. You can get ideas for your own marketing, or you can use the information to find ways to stand apart from your competitors.

Find Advertising Opportunities

Advertising is still limited on these digital assistants, but that will soon change. Your business should be at the forefront of advertising in these venues. Explore all opportunities for advertising, either within the assistant itself or within the top content that is displayed.

Entrepreneurs and established business owners alike need to look at how to use Siri and other assistants to their advantage. These tools are here to stay, and more and more consumers are relying on them for information. Make sure you are influencing the information that they get.

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