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Cleveland Cavaliers and Their Luxury Travel Entourage

We’ve all heard tales of celebrity luxury travel and crazy dressing room demands, such as stars who want their trailers decked out in white roses or those who travel by private jet. With the way that basketball and other sport stars have risen to the level of celebrity, it’s likely no surprise to anyone that they have also become accustomed to the same kind of luxury travel.

Some of the stars of the Cleveland Cavaliers have become known for their luxury travel entourage. Here are a few examples:

Private Jets

Tristan Thompson is just one of the players who has been known to travel by private plane or jet. And who wouldn’t if they could? You don’t have to worry about shuffling past others down the aisle or finding a space for your bag in the bin. Even in first class, you still have to deal with neighbors who want to chat or who chew their food to loud. You get to skip all of that with private air travel.

Luxury Lodging

Forget about the Super 8 or other budget hotels along interstate exits. Cavaliers’ stars often stay at some of the best hotels in the country. For example, LeBron James often stays at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which has rooms that are swankier than even the nicest homes that most of us have visited. Hotels like these feature amenities like gourmet dining, room service, and concierge service.

Travel Accessories

LeBron James has been spotted with luxury travel accessories like Beats headphones. Forget about those skimpy headphones that airlines give you for in-flight entertainment. Other luxury travel accessories include things like plush pillows, satellite phones that work in flight, and personal entertainment systems.

If you want to travel like a sports star, you only need a bigger pocket book and to make the right choices.

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