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Disney World Takes on Nearly 20 Million Visitors Each Year

Every year, the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World welcomes nearly 20 million visitors. It is the most visited theme park in the world.

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The other parks in the complex also take in a large amount of visitors. Epcot brings in about 11.5 million, the Animal Kingdom gets about 10.4 million, and Hollywood Studios gets about 10.3 million.

This information may come as no surprise to parents who have actually visited The Happiest Place on Earth. But if you still haven’t made the trek to Disney, here are a few things you’ll want to know about what makes it so special:

Character Interactions

Disney may be a theme park, but it offers a lot more than just rides.

Your children can actually meet many of the characters in the movies and television shows they love. Some of the characters are people dressed up in wigs, like the princesses, and some are people inside plush costumes, like Mickey and friends.

Either way, your kids will love getting to meet them and get their autograph. You can also take pictures of your children with the characters.

Daily Parades

Parades take place throughout the parks both during the day and the night.

However, the most popular parades are at night, when the floats are lit up and look magical. The floats feature favorite characters and special vehicles. Music plays, and the crowd cheers.

Special Events

If you visit Walt Disney World during a holiday or other special event, you’ll enjoy even more great activities.

For example, at Christmas, the park sponsors Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The event takes place in the evening when there are fewer crowds, and the park is decorated for Christmas. Free hot chocolate and other treats are served, and a special parade takes place.

A trip to Disney is a dream come true for most kids, but adults will love it, too. Check out more of what the parks offers and start planning your trip this year.

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