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Exciting Features of Smart Watches

Personal devices have evolved far beyond the smart phone. Today’s top tech trends include wearable technology like smart watches and virtual reality glasses, and more and more options are available as more companies develop the products.

As smart watches become more popular, companies are adding new features to remain competitive. Here are some of the most exciting features for new smart watches:


You can get turn-by-turn directions with your smart watch. Using navigation on your smart watch is a little easier since you can look at your wrist propped right on the steering wheel instead of looking to the side and taking your eyes off the road.

You can also use the navigation on your smart watch for exploring a new city on foot.

Flight Booking

Smart watches powered by Android have thousands of apps available, and one of them allows you to book a flight right from your wrist. You can shop fares and book your ticket with just a few taps of your fingers.

Sleep Monitoring

Just like a FitBit does, your smart watch can monitor your sleep by tracking signals such as heart beat and body temperature. You will know exactly how much sleep you get and what quality of sleep you get. That information will help you make adjustments to improve your health, and it can alert you to potential problems, such as sleep apnea.

Texting and Calling

Remember shows and movies that showed top spies talking into their watches? That’s not just a fantasy anymore. You can use your smart watch to make hands-free phone calls and send text messages. The feature makes it a lot safer to communicate while you’re driving — plus, it just looks cool to do.

With so many apps available for smart watches, there are many, many more features available. As the technology becomes more popular, there will be even more you can do with it.

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