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When Fashion Meets Technology

Technology has worked its way into nearly every aspect of our lives, so it’s no surprise that it is now a part of what once would have been thought inconceivable: Our fashions. Woven right into the fabrics and the patterns are technology that either make the design look cooler or provide some useful function.

More and more fashions will be truly wearable technology. Here’s how fashion and technology are coming together to become the next hottest tech trends:

3D Printed Dresses

3D printers can create some amazing things, ranging from artificial hearts to machine parts. Now they are being used o create unique dress designs, such as the Iris Van Herpen piece comprised of small, scalloped sections that was debuted in 2010.

Different plastics and materials are being introduced for these printers, which means that future designs can include more softness and mobility that is expected in wearable fashion.

Integrated Solar Panels

Why carry a phone charger around when your dress can charge it for you? New fashions include small, integrated solar panels that will produce enough energy to charge personal devices like smart phones, tablets and even computers. That technology has the ability to produce lighting and other special effects, as well.

LED Lighting

Tiny LED lights can be woven right into fabric to create some stunning effects. One dress recently commissioned by the Museum of Fine Arts in London used those LED lights to display tweets sent by museum patrons. However, there are many other potential uses for this technology.

Other technology used in fashion includes athletic gear that is able to change colors to reflect the intensity of the workout or clothes that can monitor body changes to provide health insights. It is an exciting time for technology, both in the fashion industry and beyond. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

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