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Funny Plot Lines for The Houston Rockets on The Office

“The Office” may no longer be on the air, but that doesn’t stop us fans from imagining what might still be if the workers of Dundler Mifflin Paper Company were still being broadcast.

Over the years, “The Office” welcomed a number of high-profile guest stars, and that made us wonder what would happen if our favorite TV show joined forces with one of our favorite sports teams.

Here are a few funny plot lines that might have been:

Jeremy Lin Loses the Office Basketball Tournament

Jeremy Lin should be a lock to lead his teammates to success during a friendly office game. But ultimately, he loses to Dwight’s team because we all know how Dwight likes to play dirty and concoct elaborate schemes. But Lin knows that he’s the real winner and he takes the loss in stride. Then he takes everyone out to pizza.

James Harding Gets in a Prank War with Jim

Jim and Dwight were always at war with each other on the show, and we have a feeling that if James Harding were to make a guest spot, he would prove a worthy opponent for Jim. Of course, Jim would have to pull some prank with Harding’s beard, but Harding could hit him back with some clever setup.

Michael Beasley Falls in Love with Pam

Pam was the object of many men’s affection on the show, and we’re sure that Michael Beasley would fall prey to her charms, as well. He could use the smooth line that they both have the same last name so they were meant to be together. Ultimately, he wouldn’t pull her away from Jim since their love story is one for the ages. But he would make her think…

Now that we think about it, can’t we just bring “The Office” back to feature some of our favorite NBA stars? There is just too much material to waste!

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