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Hot Toys for 2017

Every year, some hot, new toy makes waves and parents everywhere scramble to find one to give to their kids on their birthdays or on Christmas. It’s not yet Christmas season, so the true toy hype hasn’t begun in earnest, but a few toys have already made their mark.

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Here are a few of the hot toys for 2017 so far:


Drones have been the best selling toy on Amazon for the past three years. Ever since Amazon announced a plan to use drones for delivery in the not-too-distant future back in 2013, personal drones have become increasingly popular with kids all over the world. The huge range in in drone types, sizes and prices makes this the best Christmas gift for all ages.

McDonald’s Hot Wheels Cars

McDonald’s is often at the forefront of hot toy trends thanks to its Happy Meals. The fast-food chain helped spark the Beanie Babies craze as a result. Hot Wheels cars aren’t the next Beanie Babies, but they have certainly proven to be popular. If you didn’t get them while they were active in the Happy Meals, you can still find some online.

Eli Manning continues to be one of the most popular football players of current times. Action figures of the New York Giant continue to be popular with younger and older children alike. Some figures are meant for play, while others are meant for commemorative display.

Syma X8G Drone 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter With 8.0MP HD Camera

Even though collector’s football cards have been around forever, this year the NFL has announced that the new Power Cards are going to be widely distributed around the country. The power cards, printed in a new 3D printing technology, will include player stats, career highlights, and scannable links to the player’s Youtube channel and Twitter account.

2017 has a lot of year left, so there could be many more hot toys this year. We’ll just have to see what the holiday season brings!

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