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Little Known Places to See on Your Next Trip

Do you love to travel? Is your passport already full of stamps?

You may feel like you’ve been everywhere and done everything, but the world is vast. There are likely still many things to do in the cities and countries that you have already visited.

For your next trip, consider some of these little-known places to see in popular and exotic cities:


After going to see The Liberty Bell and other patriotic sites, consider stopping at the Mutter Museum for medical oddities like the remains of Einstein’s brain, or the crumbling Eastern State Penitentiary to listen for ghosts. You can even see a taxidermied raven that was said to inspire Edgar Allen Poe or channel your inner Harry Potter at Harry’s Occult Shop.


Just hop on Emirates Airlines and whisk away to the Middle East. In Qatar, you’ll find “The Film City” off the beaten path. Here you’ll see a film set built to look like an old village. The area is now abandoned, and it is perfect for urban explorers.


Ibiza is known for its beautiful beaches and countryside, but it has a lot of interesting other places to visit. Is S Niu’Aguila is a small cove far from the usual tourist fare, and it has an unusual rock formation out front. You can enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets from here. Keep an eye out for the Ibicenco hound while you are there!


Once you’ve had your fill of temples and geisha watching, check out some of the city’s more unusual offerings. You can head over to The Ando Doll Shop and learn about traditional doll-making from a third-generation master. These dolls sell for upwards of $100,000, so watch closely!


Miami may be known for its beaches and night life, but it has a lot more to offer. You can check out some sexy history at the World Erotic Art Museum. If you’re feeling guilty afterwards, you can get spiritual at The Cloisters of the Ancient Spanish Monastery.

Going to some of these less-visited sites will give you a better sense of the places you are visiting and create some great travel stories. From Dallas to Denmark, make sure you are seeing more than the top spots and eating at McDonald’s the whole time.

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