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Is Matthew McConaughey the New Houston Rockets Jinx?

In the 2014-15 season, the Houston Rockets had a nice little season with 56 wins and 26 losses, giving them a 68 percent win rate. They won the majority of their games played at home, or 30 wins to 11 losses.

Then The University of Houston went and hired actor Matthew McConaughey to give its commencement address last May. And the actor has been spotted at Rockets games.

This season, the team has had a bit of a losing streak.

Could Matthew McConaughey be the team’s new jinx?

So far, the team has had 40 wins and 41 losses, for a win rate of only 49 percent. That’s a huge fall from grace over the last season.

The wins at home have also narrowed. The Houston Rockets have only won 22 of its home games so far and have lost 18. It lost several games right out of the gate when the season opened.

So far, James Harden has been bringing in the high points in a majority of the games. He’s also been killing it with high assists. Dwight Howard has been pulling in high points for a few games and has been leading with high rebounds.

We’ll have to give it time to see if the McConaughey jinx is for real or if it can be shaken. It’s not the first time that the Rockets have faced a jinx — or any other team for that matter. Fans will have to band together with some serious juju to break the jinx and get the Rockets back on the winning streak they were on last season.

Maybe — just maybe — the current season can still be salvaged. We have a few more months to see. Maybe McConaughey will be too busy with his movie schedule to spread around his bad vibes?

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