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A Modest Proposal to Create a Reality TV Show Based on Tom Hanks’ Castaway

The movie Castaway starring Tom Hanks presented some interesting questions about what life would be like stranded on a deserted island for many years. Mainly, it left us all wondering if we would be able to do it ourselves and how we would catch our own food, create shelter or figure out an escape plan.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to put those theories to the test? We’ve already put reality TV contestants through their paces with shows like “Survivor,” so why not create a show based on the movie where contestants have to survive on their own for a certain amount of time? Here are a few things the show could include:

Beautiful Location

A true deserted island would be very hard to find and wouldn’t be quite practical for a reality show setup. However, a place like Ibiza would be great because it is an island and it has a tropical backdrop that would look like what you would expect from a deserted island. Contestants could sweat it out during the competition and then kick back and relax in paradise when the show is over.

Short Duration

Not everyone has what it takes to survive without any resources. Any competition would have to be a short duration so as not to jeopardize the health or safety of the contestants — just about a week would probably be enough. Of course, a support team would need to be available in case of any true emergencies.

No Resources

Tom Hanks got a helping hand from some tools that washed up on shore from his plane crash, such as a pocket knife. However, to make a competition more challenging, contestants should not get any resources to help them out. Rocks can be used as tools, and any Boy Scout worth his salt knows how to make a fire from scratch.

After putting the contestants through so much, any reality show like this would have to award a big prize. But definitely not a week on a tropical island!

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