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Monty Python in 4D Theaters in Germany

You have likely heard about 3D entertainment already. In fact, you may have been to a 3D theater to watch a movie or two with your special glasses.

The 3D technology makes many movie-goers feel like they are part of the action.

Now, 4D technology can make them feel even more immersed.

Wait, 4D? What is the fourth D?

With 4D movies, not only do you get to see images as if they are right in front of you, but you also feel other sensory stimulus, such as air being blown in your face or vibrations under your seat. These and other effects can make it seem like you really feel the explosion onscreen or get splashed by the shark jumping out of the water.

Now we’re getting word that 4D theaters in Germany will put on live productions of Monty Python classics, like Monty Python and The Holy Grail or The Life of Brian.

How It Can Be Used

Most of the humor (or should that be humour?) in these films relies on glib one-liners and sight gags, which may make it hard to see how the 4D treatment could make them any better. Think of it like you would the live showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Instead of throwing toast at the screen, you might get sprayed in the face when the knight is being cut to pieces or when the killer bunny attacks.

The 4D effects can punctuate the punch lines, drawing the audience in and making the jokes even funnier.

Right now, the productions are only scheduled for German theaters, so you might have to plan a trip if you want a chance to see the shows. It’s unclear if the productions will ever go on the road or if U.S. theaters will adopt similar productions. Just add it to your bucket list when you see Europe!

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