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New 4D Theater in the Mona Lisa Exhibition

Forget about 3D — 4D is the technology of the future! Instead of seeing just images that seem bigger than life, you can enjoy effects like rain sprinkling on your head during a storm scene or the smell of charcoal during a barbecue.

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While most talk about 4D technology has been in relation to the film industry, it has applications for learning, as well.

At The Louvre Museum in Paris, you can see the world-famous Mona Lisa, created by Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to seeing the painting itself, you can learn more about the work through special exhibits.

Right now, you can go online to take a “Closer Look” with an interactive exhibit that lets you zoom right in to the brush strokes. You can see the fine details of the painting, such as the stitching on her gown and the delicate lace in her veil.

4D Technology

We think it would be a great idea to add this feature and more to a 4D theater in the museum.

Imagine being able to smell the oil paint while you watch a reenactment of da Vinci painting his masterpiece. Or feeling a soft breeze on your neck that matches up with the scene on screen that features an open window on a sunny day.

The exhibit could also explore da Vinci’s life and include effects that bring to life some of the dramatic reenactments. Not only would such special effects draw viewers into the presentation, but it would also make art seem more fun for those who have a hard time connecting with these seemingly “ancient” art works.

The Louvre may be a bastion of history and culture, but it needs to include modern technology like 4D theaters to attract more visitors and get people more excited about art and learning. There are endless possibilities!

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