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New Sony 3D Camera Will Only be Sold on Amazon

3D technology is becoming more popular, and it is no longer a novelty of specialty theaters. You can buy a television that shows you movies and TV shows in three dimensions, and you can buy a camcorder that can record videos in 3D.

Sony has long been a leader in introducing innovative tech, and it is securing that reputation with the introduction of a personal 3D camcorder.

The new Sony Bloggie 3D is a first-generation device, and it is a pocket camcorder that looks a lot like a smart phone. It can fit right in your pocket, and it records videos in 1080/30p 3D and 2D picture quality.

The Bloggie is a more advanced camera than Sony’s other 3D camera, the Handycam HDR-TD10. It costs $250, and it is only available through Amazon.

Features of the Bloggie

The Sony Bloggie is a small camera with a black case. Two lenses are featured on one side, and a small viewing screen is featured on the other. You can navigate the camera’s features as easily as you can a smart phone.

The LCD screen is 2.4 inches, and it allows you to view the 3D picture quality without wearing specialty 3D glasses. It offers full-screen vertical and horizontal recording and playback capability.

You can record in MP4 video or take still pictures. The battery lasts for four hours while recording 3D or 2D video, and the camera comes with 8 GB of internal memory. The camera is so small and light that you could record for four hours and hardly notice it.

You can transfer the videos using an HDMI cable, and you can then play them on a 3D capable device.

Get your Bloggie and earn bragging rights for not just watching 3D video but actually creating it.

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