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North Korea Blocks Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

In news that may come as a shock to absolutely no one, North Korea announced this month that it will block Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in its country.

The country is notorious for limiting its residents access to information in addition to depriving them of basic rights and liberties. The move to ban social media in the country is only further limitation of that information.

North Korea also said that it would ban all South Korea websites and sex and adult websites from around the world.

Concerns for Online Marketers

Not too many online marketers are focusing on the demographic in North Korea. Most people there can’t access their websites, let alone have the money to afford to buy their products.

However, the situation in North Korea is worth noting because it is not unique. Other countries, like China, have also limited social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Though Asia, in particular, is seeing rising numbers of people using mobile devices and going online, many countries across the continent have banned access to certain sites. Internet marketers may need to focus on the growing Asian market, but they will face challenges in reaching it when such major sites are being blocked.

What the situation shows marketers is that they have to use a multi-faceted approach. This isn’t true just for marketing to Asian consumers. While consumers in other demographics may not be dealing with blocked websites, they do have a wide range of interests and options, and marketers must use a varied approach to capture more of their demographics.

In addition, new social media sites are always being introduced, and marketers have to stay on top of new sites and where their customers might be visiting online.

It’s a brave new world of online technology, but it’s not always an easy one to navigate.

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