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Why Paris is the New Reality TV Destination

You may think that you’ve seen it all with reality TV. Once a novelty, reality programming has become a mainstay for home entertainment. We’ve seen everything from people competing to be the best cupcake maker to the inner workings of celebrity’s lives.

Now, we may be seeing a new frontier in the genre: Shows taking place in Paris, the City of Lights. Here are a few reasons why this romantic city is the new destination for reality programming:

It’s a New Place

Paris may have long been a popular destination for honeymooners and travel enthusiasts, but it hasn’t been featured much in reality shows. It only makes sense that producers are looking at a new location to inject a breath of fresh air into the stale genre.

Forget about South Beach or the Jersey Shore — bring on Paris!

There Is a Lot to Do

Reality TV thrives on drama and variation. It’s not interesting if the people are always going to the same places and doing the same things. Paris is a huge city, and there is so much to do there. People could spend a year in the city and still not be able to do it all. There is plenty in the city to fill episode after episode of a reality show.

It’s Romantic and Exotic

Love stories drive reality TV plot lines. There’s no more romantic place than Paris, and putting people in the city is bound to get those loves lines moving.

Paris is also very exotic. Watching a love story unfold in Paris will be a lot more intriguing than watching unfold in a place like New York or Los Angeles — places where many reality shows have been set.

We can’t wait to see what reality shows come out of Paris. Better yet, we wish we could be contestants in such a romantic and interesting place.

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