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A Few Place We’d Like to See Adapt the American Idol Model

American Idol was a huge hit here, running for 15 seasons and creating some of the biggest superstars in pop and country music today. The concept for the show was borrowed from a similarly named show in Britain, and several other countries have adopted the format to find new talent.

Here are a few other countries where we’d like to see a version of Idol take off:


The former USSR has inspired music for years, so it is surely capable of producing some great tunes. Russia is one of the biggest countries in the world, and it has a long musical tradition that has produced some interesting contemporary music. With a show like Russian Idol, the country could bring more of that music to the world stage.


Qatar is a small Middle-Eastern country that doesn’t get a lot of attention. However, it has a small but growing entertainment industry, including in film and music. A show like Qatar Idol could help the country get attention for more than its proximity to ISIS and war.

Japan and China

Asia is booming both economically and artistically. Places like Tokyo and Kyoto in Japan are producing pop music that is transcending borders, and cities throughout China are producing pop stars that are dying to cross international borders. A version of Idol out of Asia or separate versions of the show for each country would help bring this fascinating pop music to the world stage.

Besides the talent that Idol shows in these countries would highlight, we are also excited about what kind of celebrities would be invited to judge. Who would be the Jennifer Lopez of the Russian stage? What celebrities like Kevin Kline would we see in the audience in Qatar? Who will be the next Kelly Clarkson?

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