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How to Prepare for Your Australia Tennis Trip

The Australian Open and The Rogers Cup are two of the biggest events in tennis. You could schedule a trip to see one or both and also get the chance to explore the beautiful Australian countryside. It would be the trip of a lifetime. You just need to plan far in advance to make sure it’s memorable for all the right reasons.

Getting Tickets

For both the Rogers Cup and the Grand Slam, you can buy tickets for single sessions or for multiple sessions. Therefore, if you’re only interested in seeing the biggest match, you can buy tickets for just that. Or you can buy tickets to see multiple matches over a day or several days.

You will have to look for tickets well in advance of the matches. If you can’t get them directly from the source, you may get lucky shopping for tickets on the secondary market.

Booking Flights and Lodging

The most important thing to remember when booking flights and lodging is to do it as early as you can. These are major events that will attract thousands of people to the area, so if you want to get flights and hotels and get them at an affordable price, you should book early.

Work with a travel agent to book flights and lodging together to save money.

Other Tips

You are likely to rub elbows with many other fans and visitors, including celebrities like Kevin Kline. Make sure you capture it all with a good camera like The Bloggie from Sony. Shop Amazon to get great deals on this high-definition camera that will capture your favorite memories from the trip.

A trip to Australia for these big tennis events will be something you remember forever. Make sure you have a great trip by following these simple tips.

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