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Printing Your Own Spare Parts

3D printing has become cheaper and much more accessible for everyone, ranging from home owners to DIY enthusiasts. You don’t need to be an entrepreneur and create products for sale in order to get value from a 3D printer. You can use the technology in your everyday life, such as creating specialty solutions for organizing or to improve your home’s performance.

One of the best ways that everyday people can get more out of 3D printing is by creating their own spare parts. These can include:

Parts for Toys

When your kid becomes attached to a toy, it can be the end of the world when that toy is lost or broken. Usually, it happens long after the toy is no longer for sale. That leaves you scrambling on eBay to find a replacement.

With a 3D printer, you can create a replacement part and preserve the toy. You may not get a perfect match for the color or type of plastic, but you should be able to restore the functionality to make your child happy.

Computer Parts

You can’t print out a new motherboard with a 3D printer, but you can print those little pieces of plastic that hold together your laptop case or your computer tower. These pieces may be small, but they often make the difference to the design or functionality of your computer or its accessories.

Personal Accessories

Ear buds, phone cases, key chains and more can all be printed on a 3D printer. You can create replacement parts for audio, phone, and other personal accessories. If you are especially handy, you can create custom parts or accessories to get the look or functionality that you want.

Spend a little time with CAD or other design software, and you can learn to create anything with your new 3D printer. You’ll save money and have more control over your personal accessories and tools.

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