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Robot Waiters are Improving the Service at Restaurants

How many times have you had to wait an insufferably long time to see your server at a restaurant? And how many times have you ordered one thing only to get another? You might have vented your frustration to the manager or even stiffed the server on the tip, but there’s nothing you are able to do to avoid the same thing happen again.

The latest restaurant technology might mean you never have to be inconvenienced so when dining out again. An eatery in China has started what just might be one of the hottest restaurant trends of the future: Robot waiters.

Fully Functional Servers

Robot waiters look a bit like something you’d see out of The Jetsons. They are able to take orders and communicate with customers, ensuring that all their basic needs are met. They hold a tray between their arms that carries food and drinks out to the customers.

Not only is there less chance of error with these robot waiters, but restaurants are also able to save money on hiring actual servers who get a salary.

Limited Language Skills

The robots that are currently serving customers in China can communicate with approximately 40 phrases in Mandarin, like “Enjoy your meal.” That’s enough to take your order and ensure you have what you need, but don’t expect your robot waiters to engage in any friendly banter. As the technology progresses, the vocabulary probably will also.

Directional Ability

Restaurants are a busy place with a lot of people walking in multiple directions. These robot waiters are equipped with cameras and sensors that help them avoid running into tables or customers. They are able to navigate almost as well as real servers.

Of course, robot waiters are a brand new technology, but we’re sure that once other restaurant owners see the service they provide and the money they save, they will be using them more.

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