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Roseanne and Neil Patrick Harris Rumored to Star in the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory has a history of welcoming some pretty big names, but they are usually to make cameos. A few sitcom veterans have nabbed starring roles, but most of the cast made their name with the show.

Now there are rumors that two sitcom heavyweights may land starring parts on the show: Roseanne and Neil Patrick Harris.


Roseanne starred in her self-titled sitcom with Johnny Galecki in the 90s. That’s the only part of her potential role on The Big Bang Theory that makes any sense.

Roseanne made her name for being a brash and fearless comic. She’s loud, she’s foul, and she’s proud of it. Her character doesn’t fit in with the nerdy, academic elites that populate the show.

Roseanne is so well-known for her actual personality that she couldn’t even play another character. Even if she tried, people would think about her earlier roles and her public persona.

The only thing that makes sense is for her to be the rowdy next-door neighbor who gives the boys all kinds of trouble.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris first appeared on the scene as Doogie Howser, the teen doctor. But he really stole our hearts when he played Barney Stinson in a legen — wait for it — dary role on How I Met Your Mother.

It was his role as Barney Stinson that showed us he could go against type and that he was actually really hilarious.

Neil Patrick Harris would likely fit right in with The Big Bang Theory cast, and we’re excited to see what he could bring to the show.

Show runners have not confirmed that either Roseanne or Neil Patrick Harris will appear on the show, so only time will tell if these two sitcom greats will take another run on a popular show.

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