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Sally Field to Promote the New Mona Lisa Exhibit in Paris

It’s amazing to think that we can still look at art that was created thousands of years ago. We can visually trace brush strokes that are hundreds of years old, and we can stand in the same room as work that was created by famous artists. It’s almost like standing next to the person.

The Louvre Museum in Paris houses some of the most famous art work in the world, dating back thousands of years to ancient civilizations. Yet one of its most famous pieces is only about 500 years old: The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Mona Lisa is permanently housed at the Louvre, which means that you’ll have to book a visit to Paris if you want to see it. On very rare occasions, it goes on a traveling exhibit so that more people around the world can get a chance to see it. But waiting for one of those occasions may feel like waiting for a blue moon.

New Exhibit

Now, the Louvre is offering a new exhibit that will not only let you see The Mona Lisa from any location but will also let you get a lot closer to it than you would in person. The “Closer Look” exhibit is available online, and it allows you to see the painting from a zoomed-in perspective. You can see everything from the details of the thin veil over her head to the stitching on her dress. You can even see the cracks in the paint.

Though the details have not yet been announced, we know that actress Sally Field is in talks to promote the new exhibit to help more people discover the famed painting. Though we don’t know what Field will be doing yet, we are sure people everywhere will be saying, “We like her! We really, really like her!”

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