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Sony Releases Their Newest Artificial Intelligence Robot

Sony makes more than just TVs and radios. The entertainment company has been a pioneer in technology, and now it is leading the way with artificial intelligence.

Just before the turn of the millennium, Sony introduced everyone’s favorite robot pet, the AIBO (Artificial Intelligence RoBOt). The AIBO used advanced AI so that the dog could make its own decisions in reaction to its owner. It could learn what made people happy, what routines were expected of it and more. It could act just like a real dog — except you didn’t have to actually buy food for it or clean up any poop.

It’s been a long time since AIBO was introduced, and after long last, Sony has stepped up its game with a new robot companion. Instead of listening to a robot dog yip and yap, you can sit down with a talking companion after a long day at work.

Here’s what the companion can do:

Have the Conversation You Want

Sometimes, you really want someone to talk to about your day or about how you’re feeling. But other times, you just want peace and quiet, and you squirm under the responsibility of the conversation.

With a robot companion, you only have to have the conversation you want. Talk when you want about what you want. When you’ve had enough, just tell the robot to stop or turn it off.

Don’t you wish you could do that in real life?

Be a Personal Assistant

Most of us feel like we don’t have enough hours in the day. With a robot companion, you can get the help of someone who doesn’t need to sleep or eat or relax.

Your robot can organize your office, make appointments online for you, or even put together research for you. It will give you the time to do other things or even — gasp — spend time with your family.

Clean Your Home

No one likes to clean. With a robot friend, you won’t have to again.

Get your robot companion to fold the laundry, load the dishwasher, vacuum the house, and do all those other tasks you hate. Imagine all the arguments you’ll be able to avoid with your spouse.

If this all sounds like science fiction, that’s because it is. But how wonderful will the future be if the promise of AI becomes reality?

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