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Surprising Disney Movies without Oscars

It likely comes as no surprise that Disney has received a lot of Oscar nominations for its popular movies. In addition to Mickey Mouse, it’s hard to think of an iconic cartoon character in the last 100 years that wasn’t created by Disney or its main rival, Warner Brothers. These characters have shown up in everything from McDonald’s Happy Meals to the toys under the Christmas tree.

Yet not all of its beloved movies were recognized by the Academy Awards. Here are a few of films that surprisingly did not get Oscar nominations:

Snow White

Snow White is one of the earliest Disney films, and it has been remade into television shows, live-action movies and even theater performances. It is an iconic movie, yet it never won an Oscar. It was nominated for best music score in 1938, and the Academy gave Walt Disney and honorary Oscar for the film in 1939, but the movie was never officially awarded.

Frank and Ollie

You may not have heard of Frank and Ollie because it is a documentary, which isn’t the usual Disney fare. However, this movie explored the lives and careers of two chief animators who helped create classics like Snow White and Fantasia. It was a touching and interesting documentary that should have won an award but wasn’t even nominated.

The Lion King

The Lion King is one of the best films out of the so-called Golden Age of Disney in the 80s and 90s. But it didn’t win an Oscar — primarily because the Best Animated Feature category wasn’t introduced until 2001. Therefore, it had to settle for wins for Best Original Score and Best Original Song.

Many, many more great Disney features went without the Oscars they deserved. We hope that the Academy is paying attention and won’t make such oversights again.

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