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Technical Trends in the World of Soccer

The FitBit is small fries when it comes to the technology that can be used to monitor athletic performance. Athletes have access to more advanced wearable technology than the average folk, and that can help them keep track of their performance so that they can make tweaks that will improve their results.

Tech trends in soccer also include equipment that can improve the way the game is monitored and scored.

Here are a few of the latest trends in the world of soccer:

Health Monitor

Soccer players are using health monitors to track things like their pace, heart rate, breathing, and calories burned during their drills so that they can see where they need to pick things up to get more out of their training. Their health monitors can also measure sleep quality, which can help them pinpoint why they might be lagging in their drills.

Video Replay

Video replay may seem like it’s old hat, but not in soccer. The sport has resisted the use of video replay, even though it’s long been popular in other sports. Near the end of last year, ESPN broke the news that video replay is being implemented with the goal of using it during the World Cup later in the year. If it is used, it could start to become commonplace.

Goal Line Technology

Similar to video replay, goal line technology can be used by referees to make better judgment calls about scoring. The technology was slowly rolled out a few years ago, but it is now picking up steam. Multiple cameras are positioned around the goal to help referees avoid making embarrassing mistakes in their calls. The cameras are already on the field for television, so it only makes sense that references have more “eyes” on the field, as well.

We can’t wait to see what else technology has in store to help the game!

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