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Top Kickstarter Projects of All Time

Browsing through Kickstarter is a great way to discover what entrepreneurs are doing right now and what consumers are responding to the most. You can find new technical innovations, novel virtual assistants and much more.

Looking at the top projects can not only help you discover new product ideas but also give you great insights in how to market a new product. Here are a few of the top Kickstarter projects of all time, as measured by how much they were funded:

Pebble Watch

Pebble led two top, successful Kickstarter campaigns for a smart watch and an e-paper watch. The two campaigns in 2014 and 2015 had nearly 150,000 backers between them and raised more than $30 million. Supporters still pledge their loyalty for the watches, and many say that they love them more than competitors like Apple and Sony.

Coolest Cooler

Leave it to technology to improve even the most basic of items. The Coolest Cooler is more like a portable refrigerator than a cooler. It has a number of cool features as well, such as a USB charger, a built-in ice crushing blender and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Its Kickstarter campaign raised over $13 million in July 2014.

Baubax Travel Jacket

This jacket looks like an unassuming hoodie, but it actually has more than a dozen features that are perfect for travel, such as a neck pillow, pockets that warm up to keep your hands toasty, earphone holder and special pockets for your passport, phone and phone charger. The jacket raised more than $9 million on Kickstarter and had almost 45,000 backers.

Other top Kickstarter projects have included a card game from The Oatmeal, the Ouya video game system, a few games, the Veronica Mars movie project, and a personal music device. If you are considering launching a project with the help of Kickstarter, it is helpful to study these projects to find out what made them so successful.

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