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Will Beyonce and Eminem Join American Idol?

American Idol just celebrated the end of its very last season ever — or did it?

The ratings juggernaut had been a on a slow, steady decline, which had led to the decision to cancel it. But with the hype around it being the last season, more people tuned in and brought those ratings up a bit. The ratings weren’t up enough to make it clear that the show would come back, but they were up enough to get the discussion going.

With talks about even a potential new Idol season, the focus will inevitably turn to who the new judges will be. Two major superstars with vastly different sensibilities have been proposed: Beyonce and Eminem.

Beyonce as Judge

With Beyonce as judge, everyone would expect her to be “the nice one,” like Paula Abdul once was or Jennifer Lopez. Beyonce has a quiet grace about her, and she has rarely been seen to throw shade in the press or get into brawls outside clubs.

Yet videos like “Drunk in Love” and “Formation” have shown that Beyonce has more of an edge to her than her public persona might let on. Queen Bey definitely has some sass, and we have a feeling that she would let that loose with contestants. You wouldn’t get all “You look great” comments from her — she’d bring real talk.

Eminem as Judge

Eminem has long savored his bad boy reputation, and we would expect him to live up to it as an Idol judge. He might not be as brutal as Simon Cowell once was, but we would expect him to make no bones about giving his real opinion.

But since Eminem is a rapper, we have to ask: Should he be considered as an Idol judge? We’ve never heard him sing, so what could he offer to contestants in a singing competition? The art of swag, maybe.

We’ll be waiting to see if Idol truly does make a comeback and these two superstars get their shot in the judging seat.

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