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The Williams Sisters: Serena v. Venus

Is it possible to have so much talent in one family? The Williams’ sisters have been taking the tennis world by storm since they appeared on the scene in the ’90s. They have taken title after title, and both have been ranked in the top spot by the Women’s Tennis Association — sometimes, they’ve occupied the top two spots together.

With both being such great tennis players, it is no surprise that they would come up against each other. The two have maintained a fierce rivalry with each other, just as they would with any other player, yet they have also been very supportive of one another. They have often been seen cheering from the sidelines even after they have been knocked out of a tournament by the other.
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Here are a few of the pivotal moments in their rivalry:

1988 Australia Open

Serena and Venus faced off professionally for their first time in the 1988 Australia Open.

They did not play until the second round of the Open, and Venus eventually won 7-6(4), 6-1. The match didn’t set off any sparks for those watching though. Most people described it as “subpar.” Still, it lit a fire under the sisters, who would have much fiercer battles later.

2001 U.S. Open

Described as the most anticipated tennis final in years, this match was the first involving sisters at a Grand Slam tournament during an open. It was the first with sisters since an 1884 Wimbledon match.

Again, Venus beat her sister, this time 6-2, 6-4.

2014 Rogers Cup

Serena has a five-match winning streak against Venus going into this match, but she ultimately lost it.

However, Serena was still 14-11 in matches against her sister. The two had played against each other 25 times.

The Williams’ sisters show no signs of slowing down, either as competitors at large or against each other. We can’t wait to see what else they will do in their careers.

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