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World Cup vs. Wimbledon: Viewing Figures Compared

The World Cup and Wimledon are both huge championships each year, drawing in huge viewing audiences. As a result, huge sponsors pay out millions of dollars to advertise during these events.

Here’s a look at how the two events compare in terms of their viewing audiences:

FIFA World Cup

In 2014, the FIFA World Cup had 3.2 billion viewers. More than 1 billion tuned in just for the finale, which took place in Brazil.

Those numbers broke records for television viewing in a few markets, including United States and Germany. About 695 million people watched in Germany, the homeland of the champions that year.

Viewership was up 12 percent from the 2010 finale.

In addition to those watching at home on TV, another 280 million watched the Cup online or on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.


Unlike the World Cup, Wimbledon takes place every year. Also unlike the Cup, it does not change location. It has been played in London since 1877.

In 2015, Wimbledon drew 29.2 million viewers in the U.K., which was up from the year before (which had 27.1 million viewers). However, the numbers did not show a steady increase. In 2013, Wimbledon had many more viewers, or about 35.6 million.

In the U.S., Wimbledon got a 0.65 HH rating for viewership, which was up 12 percent over the previous year. It was also the most watched tennis championship ever on ESPN.

Approximately 71 million people watched the match online and through mobile devices.

Part of the reason that Wimbledon may get lower numbers than the World Cup is that the Cup only comes around every four years, so people tend to see it as a can’t-miss event. In addition, many would argue that soccer fans are a little more fanatical than the somewhat stead fans of tennis, which might encourage them to come out in greater numbers to watch.

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